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MetalMusicDownload.site (ex-metalchesh) was founded in 11 September 2008. I started this project as a little metal music sharing blog under blogspot infrastructure. I was publishing only famous metal and rock music bands discographies there. Sharing was my hobby in that days. I was a young guy in university. Among the class time and hard studies, sharing was made me fresh. I was only doing this to spread the good music out. One day i decided to share not only discographies but only famous bands’ recent releases too. But it was not a good decision, because if you doing that under blogspot, it will be a risky for you. And the expected thing had occurred. Google was very bored and tired of getting DMCA notifications for my blog. Then, in July 2011 they shut down my blog.


Of course the sharing fever has not faded away in me. I decided to rent own my server, install a nice “content management system” and run my independent website on it. With very limited technical knowledge about server setup and management, I continued to share music again. I started to focus on recent releases more than discographies. Because “Someone likes hot”. But you do not need to worry, sometimes when i bored of uploading recent releases, i upload some discographies here. Not only discographies, but also concert DVDs or documentaries.


21 January 2012, it was the biggest nightmare that i ever had. The biggest file hosting website Megaupload shut down by FBI and owner of this website Kim Dotcom was arrested. Weirdly, the file hosting sites that i was using shut down themselves and ran away. I lost all of my albums backup. My site was full-filled with thousands of broken links. Since i realized we have still good filehosting sites to upload, i started to refresh many of those broken links and albums.


Time passed away, but i never give up. Here we are in 2015. I am still running this one-man website to bring you the best Metal, Rock and Core music albums. Now I am 28 years old, many of my friends got married, some of them got kids, but i am still here to publish releases and continue my educational life as i am a master degree student who did not complete his research study yet since 2013.

One day I will stop publishing releases here. Like most of the human beings of course I will be having a family and a real job. “Every good thing has an end”. But the end has not close us yet. Additionally, “Every end has a new beginning”.


Many times I hear this question: “why are you not uploading on free hosts like Mediafire, Zippyshare? We want to download with high speed!”. I can only answer this question with one sentence: “i need to earn something to continue living and pay my bills, this site’s server and control panel license costs”. As you can see, we do not have any Ads on this site. Because i do not want to show you up annoying pop-ups, as the internet has too much websites filled with too much Ads and I do not like them too.


If you want to get the releases quickly, you can consider to buy Premium account from any of file hosting sites that i use. For guys those who hate downloading slow and do not want to pay anything, i kindly invite you to go any of torrent website.


The other thing i can suggest you, if you have the money, please support the bands, go their concerts, buy their CDs and merchandises. Cause, I do it as much as i can do.


For bands and copyright holders: You guys first should read our disclaimer and if you still have questions about our service, you can directly contact us via our contact form.


P.S.: These domain changes from metalchesh.com to MetalMusicDownload.site became obligatory, because I do not know why, but Google always like to penalize us. Also, “metalchesh” is not a Word easy to remember. We can change our domain in future again. It will not be a problem if you have our bookmark on your internet browser.

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