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MetalMusicDownload.site (ex-metalchesh.com) is a website that publish latest Metal, Rock and Core music releases and discographies in mp3 format using file hosting sites. Our work is completely illegal and you can call us a “pirate or warez” website. Because we do harm to the music industry, most of big record labels hate us, of course big bands too!


Many times we get e-mails from legal entities and record labels “Stop sharing my band, I will shut down you!” or from big bands “We spent too much money to produce this album. Fuck you!” You can hear cry of Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich here. But sometimes we get emails from underground bands “Thank you for publishing our release and spread our music out”. They thank us, because having their music on this big hit rate website is very good idea to promote them.


As you know, not all the people have the money to buy the releases. You can think a poor headbanger or rocker want to listen his/her favorite band’s latest release. Many of countries living under hunger threshold, like my country Turkey (minimal wage is about 378 $). Paying 20-25 $ for a CD is pretty difficult for those people. They can try to use Spotify, Deezer or Tidal, but these services are not available in all of the countries, they do not have enough music archive and you cannot find whatever you want there.

From 2008 to 2017, copyright holders tried to shut down my site about 15 times. Sometimes they succeeded. But, there are two things that will never be forgotten:

First: If you shut down me today, tomorrow you will see me online again. Because, I do daily backups and there are hundred of very good server providers that do not care about copyright laws.

Second: I am not the first source of the album leak. You should consider to stop the first source (i mean the mole in your house), then you can try to deal with me babe.


P.S.: Of course I show respect artists and bands that they do not want me to publish their releases here. If you reach me from my site’s contact form, within 24/48 hours the release will be omitted from this site. (Remember to use your real e-mail address of your band or company. You need to convince me about you are really copyright holder of the release as we have too much guys send us “fake DMCA emails”)

(I totally ignore automatically sent DMCA notifications from management companies)

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